Court Ordered DNA Test Finds That Twin Babies Have Different Dads

This is for sure a “what th’ heck?” story. A set of twins born to a New Jersey woman were found to have two separate fathers. The news was discovered when a New Jersey family court ordered a DNA test to be made to determine paternity in a child support case.

After the mother took one of the men to court to get child support out of him, the court ordered the DNA tests to confirm that he was the father of the woman’s twin girls.

But when the tests came back the results were a shocker for the whole court room. Tests proved that the man was only likely the father of one of the babies, not both.

The mother then admitted that she had sex with two different men in the same week and during the same menstrual cycle.

It is uncommon, of course, but it is certainly possible for several eggs to be released during a cycle and multiple pregnancies to occur at that time by different men. That is what apparently happened in this case.

So, the judge ordered that the man who was dragged into court only had to pay for one of the children and was ordered to pay $112 a month.

Warner Todd Huston

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