Creative Mom Transforms Husband’s Old Work Shirts Into Something Amazing

Creative Mom Transforms Husband’s Old Work Shirts Into Something Amazing

When you’re a parent, you’re always looking for ways to save a penny. (Children outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye, causing us to spend hundreds of dollars regularly just to keep them decent!) Anything you can do to re-purpose something that you already have is definitely something you’re interested in.

Well, one mom became inspired by a sewing machine that her husband bought her and quickly found ways to sew new life back into her husband’s ill-fitting work shirts. Honestly, you have to see it to believe it.

Stephanie Miller’s Instagram, mothermakesx4, features her unique creations. Her innovative uses for old clothing have garnered her thousands of followers. She shows before and after photos of her work and it’s absolutely amazing what she can do with an old work shirt and a sewing machine.

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She even discovered a way to create a romper that didn’t take a month of Sundays to take off (and any women out there who have worn rompers before know this struggle. It was definitely created for fashion over function.)

love the look of rompers but we’ve had too many accidents standing in front of the toilet because the romper couldn’t come off fast enough…and that is why I made her a shirt and short combo instead. I used the original bottom hem of the dress shirt to make the bottom of the shorts and added pockets on this one.

Definitely go check out her social media and watch as she creates new, beautiful outfits for her children out of something that most people would either give away or chuck in the garbage altogether. It may even inspire some of you to get creative with your sewing machine and see what you can come up with.

I will definitely want to do something like this when I have children of my own.

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