The Horror of Pets as Surrogate Children

The Horror of Pets as Surrogate Children

The destruction of the traditional family by progressive ideology has produced a grotesque phenomenon: people who regard their dogs and cats as surrogate children, bestowing upon them the parental instincts that would otherwise produce the next generation. Highlights from an insightful piece by G. Shane Morris:

It is now commonplace to hear young people my age unironically refer to their pooches and kitties (I’m horrified to even write this) as “children,” “fur-babies,” “kids,” “girls,” “boys,” or “sons and daughters.” …

Millennials, it turns out, are twice as likely as baby boomers to buy clothing for their pets, an industry which, along with other forms of “pet-pampering,” amounted to $11 billion last year, and markets such essential items as pet strollers and pet slings.

Some regard their pets as practice babies, then never get around to having real babies.

In September, the Washington Post reported on findings from research firm Mintel that quantify the replacement-baby epidemic. Young Americans are less likely than their parents to own a car or a home, and half as likely to be married as Americans were 50 years ago. But we have a handy lead over the baby-boomers in one area: pet ownership. The frontrunners of the millennial pack who’ve already entered careers could be rechristened the “dog-boomers.”

Baby boomers left behind another generation. Dog-boomers will leave behind a country taken over by people from alien cultures that are dramatically inferior in most ways but that still produce children.

Not even dogs benefit from the pathological attempt to “identify” them as kids:

They don’t want to be pushed around in a carriage, sung to sleep, or sent to daycare. They don’t want to be your surrogate infant. They want to be your pack-mate—your hunting companion. They want to chase down something in the woods and rip its still-beating heart out, together. They are, after all, descended from wolves.

Animals are animals. Making them wear bonnets does not turn them into human beings, any more than Bruce Jenner’s pathetic antics turn him into a woman.

What about the future?

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