Mourning Mother Nurses Stillborn Baby For 24 Hours After Birth – Sends Out Desperate Plea [PHOTOS]

Mourning Mother Nurses Stillborn Baby For 24 Hours After Birth – Sends Out Desperate Plea [PHOTOS]

In her grief, Jemma Bennett is releasing the photos of her stillborn child because “no one ever asks” about it when it happens.

Jemma, 31, was almost 37 weeks pregnant when her son Harlee Christophers was born without a heartbeat earlier this year. She said that after it happened, people would “try to keep to small talk” as if she was never pregnant. “No one asks what’s happened, nothing, not a word.” There isn’t much social guidance for how to deal with a woman who lost her baby before he had a chance and it could be such a sensitive topic that nobody wants to be the first one to bring it up.

She said that she understands that others “don’t know what to say” and that it’s “a hard thing to talk about.” But, she said, when faced with never being able to talk about her baby again, she has now chosen to release the family photos of the 24 hours after her child was stillborn.

“Mums, like me, who’ve experienced stillbirth are treated differently to other new mothers… but we still carried our little ones. We gave birth to them… just like any other family.”

Jemma had suffered what is known as a “concealed placental abruption,” where the placenta, necessary for the baby to stay alive, detaches from the mother’s womb wall before the child is delivered. This cuts off vital nutrients and oxygen. It occurs in about 1% of all pregnancies. Before that, she was hitting all the right marks and milestones for her pregnancy and nothing appeared to be wrong.

When Jemma’s mother died suddenly when Jemma was 20 weeks-old, the baby was still fine even after that stressful shock. Jemma said that the death of her mother was a “complete shock,” but her pregnancy still went on smoothly.

Jemma, and her partner of 16 years Mark, already have four girls together between the ages of 2 and 9. The four girls were all smooth pregnancies and are healthy.

So, at 36 weeks and 6 days, she suffered “unbearable” pain and was unable to get herself out of the bath. So, she called for an ambulance who arrived with a midwife. When she arrived at the hospital she was taken to the delivery room and that’s where she found out that, after a scan, her placenta was detached. She did not realize anything had gone wrong, because the pain had only just started.

Jemma “felt her entire world collapse” when she found out that she would have to deliver a dead baby and she remarked that there were “no sounds” and it was a “peaceful” delivery at just after 4 am. The pictures here are from the 24 hours after Harlee’s birth, where his parents were given time with his body in a specially-cooled cot before it was time to let him go. They cut off some of his hair and took prints of his feet as well as these photos.

“We were meant to have a baby boy, but we had an angel instead.”

Last year we wrote about Lynsey Bell, who slipped into a coma after she was told that her baby would be stillborn and the staff at the hospital kept their boy Rory in a cold room for 15 days so his mother could see him after she woke up from the coma.

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