Feminist Attacks Boy Killed By Alligator, Because Of Who His Father Is – Sickening…

Feminist Attacks Boy Killed By Alligator, Because Of Who His Father Is – Sickening…

Seriously? What’s wrong with this woman? Some white feminist from Chicago is saying she’s not sorry the toddler in Florida was killed by an alligator because his father is white. What an evil, racist asshat. The coward deleted her Twitter account after sending out the inappropriate, offensive, cruel messages on Twitter. Whereas I agree they should have paid attention to the signs… this is a tragedy no family should have to go through. And race has nothing to do with it.


From TheBlaze:

A white, Chicago-based Twitter user became the subject of much criticism when she suggested she was not upset about the toddler killed by an alligator earlier this week because the boy’s father was white.

The woman, known only as “Brienne of Snarth” with the Twitter handle @femme_esq, appears to have deleted her social media account, but not before firing off a few offensive messages about the horrific gator attack.

“I’m so finished with the white men’s entitlement lately that I’m really not sad about a 2yo being eaten by a gator bc his daddy ignored signs,” she reportedly tweeted.

“You really think there are no f****** consequences to anything,” she added. “A godd*** SIGN told you to stay out of water in Florida? F*** a SIGN!!”

Some say she regrets the Tweets. I doubt it or she wouldn’t have said them in the first place. The woman has no soul and is just evil. If you can’t have empathy for a little baby that is taken by a monster and killed… you have no heart, none at all. The brutal death of a child is not something you mock or use as a political weapon. No wonder this moron was savaged on Twitter… she deserved it. Have we become so jaded and partisan that we can’t mourn for a little child? That we have no sympathy for the family? This person needs to go away and never, ever come back. She can take her own bitter self-entitlement and stuff it.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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