Feminist Business School

Feminist Business School

Aspiring female entrepreneurs who can’t make it to India for U.S.-funded vlogger training have an educational opportunity closer to home: the Feminist Business School, which offers a single course that starts this week.

The $1,200 class was developed by Jennifer Armbrust, an artist who graduated from Evergreen State University with a degree in critical theory. After graduating, she founded an art gallery, later becoming a performance artist in Portland, Oregon.

Critical theory is a cultural Marxist strategy for deliberately destroying American society through relentless nattering criticism. It includes various subcategories, the most familiar of which is critical race theory, according to which everything is viewed in racial terms and America is incessantly denounced as “racist.” That you can actually major in cultural sabotage reflects the sickness that has engulfed academia.

Armbrust attempts to apply her cultural Marxist education to the business world by covering topics such as “the myth of meritocracy” and “toppling the patriarchy.”

“If capitalism is an economy that values masculine traits, what could another economy look like?” asks Armbrust, arguing that the traditional economy is based on masculine traits such as “individualism” and “speed and efficiency.”

Such traits will be abolished in the “feminine economy.”

These traits, Armbrust claims, should be shunned in favor of more feminine ones, such as “mindfulness,” “gratitude,” and “generosity” — all traits that can help promote the “redistribution of money and power.”

Sure, that will keep you in business — so long as you are coercively subsidized by the government.

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