Feminists Believe Men And Women Are THE SAME. They’re Not…And It’s OKAY.

Feminists Believe Men And Women Are THE SAME. They’re Not…And It’s OKAY.

I’m going to speak in generalities, as I know there are always exceptions to the rules in this case. So please, don’t get mad if I don’t point that out every time.


Men and Women are the same – In EVERY WAY.

No they are not. Feminists believe that men and women are the same in all cases when it comes to ability and that society is responsible for creating gender roles for male and female. This is false. I can tell you first hand that I never had the desire to play tea growing up. I never had the desire to play with Barbies. The temptation never existed in my mind, as I’m sure the opposite is true for the vast majority of little girls who avoided the dumb boys wrestling in the yard.

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Here’s a real world example of political correct feminism having a negative effect:

Not too long ago, the Pentagon announced that it was opening certain positions in the military that had been previously denied to women. These positions included Special Operation jobs like Rangers – a highly skilled light infantry force used in high profile operations. Now, the reason these jobs where closed to women was because they were not only combat roles, but physically intense, as the jobs require members to go above and beyond the norm. Now here’s what happened. Besides two female soldiers who were absolute freaks of nature, a HUGE majority of the women that tried out could not reach the requirements. This is to be expected, as the natural physical prowess of males and females is different. No duh, right. Well, the feminists didn’t get the memo…or maybe they just refused to listen to reason.

Now, I in no way, shape or form deny that women are capable of great physical feats. Choose anyone of the female Olympic athletes and pit them against me…I will quickly be on the ground, crying in pain. The point is that biologically (factually), there are some jobs that women are NOT able to do and that’s perfectly fine! That’s what feminists just don’t get. IT’S FINE, LADIES. You don’t have to be up in arms if men can do certain things better than you. They are supposed to. Just like you are suppose to be better at…well…life in general.

To be feminine is NOT to be weak…that’s the biggest lie pedaled by the movement. The world would be a dark and dreary existence without feminine, maternal women who through compassion and some unearthly wisdom, keep men from going the way of the Dodo. I mean, we dedicate a whole day to the mothers that birthed us, changed our diapers, kissed our boo-boos and taught real men how to be real men.

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