Horrible Feminist Author Signs Book With Extremely Violent Message

Horrible Feminist Author Signs Book With Extremely Violent Message

Today’s modern feminists insist that they’re fighting for equality, like the feminists that came before them. But the truth is, at the core of third-wave feminism is a heaping dose of misandry. And a feminist just proved that with a disgusting note she left at a book signing.

Clementine Ford is an Australian author who was signing copies of her book, “Fight Like A Girl.” The book is described as “Ford’s growth from a girl with an eating disorder who wanted to be liked by the boys (‘Being complicit in your own silence,’ she writes), to a woman finding her voice, feminism and a sisterhood of ‘girl gangs’.”

At the book signing, though, she decided to leave a violent note asking the reader if they had “killed any men today” and then adding, “if not, why not?”

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The “Daily Mail” reached out to Ford about the note; she responded by tweeting the reporter’s phone number, along with the message the reporter sent her. Indeed, Ford seems to be relishing the attention.

But Ford isn’t done spreading her hatred of men. Her next plan is to write a book for her son, called “Boys Will Be Boys.” Far from being a touching memoir of love for her son, it will be about “toxic masculinity” — exactly the kind of book every son hopes his loving mother will write for him.

The book will examine “toxic masculinity and the bonds of brotherhood that are used to codify male power, access and protection (or ‘brotection,’ as some people call it)” and will be written with “uncompromising fury and compassion.” This, she says, is her “love letter” to her son.

And feminists want you to believe that they don’t hate men.

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