Liberal Mag: “Is Office Air Conditioning A Sexist Conspiracy”

Liberal Mag: “Is Office Air Conditioning A Sexist Conspiracy”

Air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions in history, and literally saves lives. But in typical feminazi fashion, the feminist lunatics are now calling air conditioning sexist.

woman face palm

Science has already told us that women feel more sensitive to cold temperatures, which is why going to movie theater can feel like stepping into a freezer. Working in an office all day can also be torturous if you forget to bring along a sweater.

Over at The Washington Post, writer Petula Dvorak theorizes that intensely cold office temperatures are yet another example of the patriarchy dominating an environment. Dvorak researching this by talking to both women and men who are outside on their breaks away from their cubicles.

What’s interesting is that Dvorak acknowledges that women are able to wear lighter clothing in the summertime, while men continue to wear suits year round. Gosh, it’s almost as if the people wearing heavier clothing might be warmer than the women in linen dresses would be! Obviously, this must be a tool of the evil patriarchy!

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