UK Prime Minister Takes HUGE Stand Before Islam – Because….FEMINISM!

UK Prime Minister Takes HUGE Stand Before Islam – Because….FEMINISM!

This was a pleasant surprise. Theresa May is too liberal for my tastes, but she showed backbone and defiance this week when she went to Saudi Arabia and dared to not wear a hijab as is required there. And… she still has her head. HeatStreet made her sound braver and more noble than Margaret Thatcher. Don’t make me laugh. No one even comes close to the Iron Lady. But she did have the moxie to meet with officials on her own terms. That took guts.

This is what feminism should be. I don’t care for feminism, but when it comes to basic human rights and being classified as an equal human being instead of property, I’m all for standing against Islamists and the medieval caste and power structure they put forth. May met with Saudi Princess Reema, who made history in her country when she was appointed to the role of vice-president for women’s affairs for the governing sports body. Reema has also reportedly engaged in talks about trade and security. These are things that women don’t typically do in Islam. They are usually subjugated and relegated to slave status. Every step forward counts I guess.

From HeatStreet:

British prime minister Theresa May stood up to Saudi Arabia’s repressive regime by refusing to wear a headscarf during a visit there yesterday.

Shunning the desert kingdom’s strict Islamic dress code – and in defiance of official UK Foreign Office advice – May met officials and was seen out in public with her hair showing. (The main image shows her arriving at the Saudi Stock Exchange in the capital Riyadh escorted by Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan).

A British government spokesman said May had made a ‘personal choice’ and a source travelling with the prime minister said it was intended as a ‘statement’ .

May has made it clear she believes Saudi women deserve greater freedoms. Although they are inching towards some sort of parity with men in certain respects, they are still forbidden from most activities western women take for granted. For instance, Saudi women are banned from driving a car thanks to a religious fatwa imposed by clerics.

May stood up to oppression and she is an excellent example for all women. You should not have to cover your hair or face to exist in this world. Women should be equal to men and be compensated according to their accomplishments. It should have nothing to do with gender. Western feminists are cowards in my book. They rant on about microaggressions and rape culture… but when it comes to Islam, they are silent because they don’t want to offend those who worship Allah.

Leftists defend gays here in the US to an extreme extent, but they stand by and let them be executed in Muslim countries and say nothing. It’s the same with women. To be silent is to condone this barbarity. May’s stance will not change Saudi Arabia, but it does set an example on how and why Islamists and their suppression of women should be stood against. Good for May.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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