Fight Video: Angry Guy Picks A Fight With a Quiet Dude — Then Gets Beaten Unconscious

Fight Video: Angry Guy Picks A Fight With a Quiet Dude — Then Gets Beaten Unconscious

This video is all in street Spanish, but you don’t need to speak Spanish to be awed by these fighters. The thin shirtless guy was being accused of calling the chubby guy out but being ALL words and no action. The chubby guy keeps saying “Qieres un round? Quieres un round?” Basically asking the guy if he wanted to fight. He accused the shirtless guy repetitively of being all talk until the shirtless guy starts to fight. He looks wiry and looks like someone to put your money on, but seconds later… chubby guy literally body slams thin shirtless guy on the ground and if you watch closely you will see shirtless guy having a bit of a seizure. Chubby guy evidently didn’t notice that his body slam knocked his opponent out cold because he begins punching him. Bystanders pull him off and then you notice just how “out cold” thin shirtless guy was. That hurts. Watch this video below and see how it compares with our top 6 fight story videos in the past year (list below):

Don’t ever underestimate someone just because they look like they are smaller than you. Or you will end up like this guy

In a strange turn of events, a dwarf and a large man got into a fist fight. And the video is shocking to say the least. The dwarf gives the man a run for his money. He is not afraid to give the man everything he tries to give him. You can watch the video below.

Don’t be afraid of bullies because sometimes they GET what they deserve

It is the classic case where the kid trying to start a fight, gets it handed to him. He stands there and takes tons of hits to the face. And something in him finally snaps and he decides to fight back.

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Don’t mess with someone’s family unless you’re prepared to pay the consequences

Most big brothers are pretty protective of their little sisters and rightly so. And when one guy found out a man tried to rape his little sister, he dished out some crazy revenge.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets slapped in the face…with a pizza

Apparently a couple of what seems like ‘friends’ got into a bit of a scrap and it started with a really idiotic move by one of them. But that’s what millennials are known for really. Epitomizing the word ‘idiot’.

Dumb luck is very rare, do NOT try this at home

One of the first rules of fighting is not to underestimate your opponent. That’s a lesson these four thugs learned the hard way.

Knockout by headbutt IS possible if you repeat it four more times

It never ceases to amaze me how people have so much time on their hands, that they’re always willing to meet up in a random park, shirtless, ready to fight like dumb animals. It’s sad really…but exciting to watch!

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