FIGHT VIDEO: Tough Guy Teen Starts CRYING After Getting Laid Out After Bullying Old Man

FIGHT VIDEO: Tough Guy Teen Starts CRYING After Getting Laid Out After Bullying Old Man

Black Lives Matter Millennials are more disgusting than anything. I have watched video after video as these 20 yr-old black kids watch someone being bullied and beaten to unconsciousness without lifting a finger. Well, I guess they do lift a finger when they press the record button. It has become common place for millennials to record others’ pain and embarrassment… I miss the Gen X where you stepped in to be the hero.

But stepping in would mean we wouldn’t get long uncomfortable video like this. The scene takes place in some sort of large foyer in front of an elevator by a set of stairs. You see about a dozen mid-twenties black millennials loitering. The star of this video is a kid wearing a Trayvon Martin type sweatshirt. He’s arguing with an older man over by the doors.

You can’t really gather much content because it’s difficult to translate what people are saying. It’s about 5 painful minutes of the boy in the hoodie walking back and forth to the old man to bully him and swing some punches at him. There are two other older men trying to intervene using words of reason, while one carries groceries and the other carries a Bojangles bag in one hand and a cane in the other. It is obvious that both the men are nervous to interfere more than word telling the hoodie boy to show some respect.

The boy doesn’t care to show any respect and continues to go after the old man. Finally one of the two men with bags in hand starts standing in between hoodie boy and the older man. He does it several times even putting his bag down at one point while intervening. At one point he missed blocking the boy and that boy knocked the older man on the ground and starts taking cheap shots.

As the boy crossed that foyer walking away, suddenly a big black guy in a blue sweatshirt follows him toward the elevator. When they get to the elevator ‘hoodie boy’ turns around and blue sweatshirt hero just lays him out. The boy is laid out flat, stands up all wobbly and crying. The sad part about all this is that room was filled with over a dozen young millennials who were as capable as this man to protect grandpa. But none of them seemed to care.

I guess my question is this… WHERE is this taking place? I am forever seeing this kind of nasty garbage being posted online where low class millennials stand around. My generation NEVER stood around when it mattered. I’m grateful I don’t live in a community like this where no one cares about each other. I live about 5 acres from my closest neighbor and if they see someone so much as driving down my driveway and they know I’m not home, they hop in their car and drive to my house to find out if that person is supposed to be there. What ever happened to people helping each other and giving a hand up? I am sickened by this new culture growing in our world. I warn every one of you in this video… if you come into my community with your stupid video trigger happy fingers… just know, I’ll break your camera (even if it is your phone) if I see you standing around while someone is suffering. A person is worth more than the shares on your Facebook LIVE video around here.

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