A jealous girlfriend, 28, pushes a 12 year-old when her boyfriend talks to the girl

A jealous girlfriend, 28, pushes a 12 year-old when her boyfriend talks to the girl

This is the epitome of a crazy, jealous girlfriend. I don’t even understand what possesses a person to shove a 12 year-old girl simply because your boyfriend was talking to her. I mean, if you are that insecure, then just break up with him and go see a therapist, because you clearly need it.

The worst part is, the young girl was just trying to help, thinking the man who approached her was hungry and wanted a bite of her Slim Jim. Horrifying.

Surveillance video caught the altercation from start to finish.

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As the video begins, the couple is standing next to 12 year-old, identified as Presley Keenly, at a convenience store in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Two men walk out of the store and the couple follows, while Presley waits for her father to finish buying some drinks.

However, that’s when the man in the yellow shirt turns around and heads back toward the entrance of the store. According to the young girl, he asked her if he “could have a piece of that.” Thinking he was hungry and referring to the Slim Jim in her hand, she pulled another one from her bag and handed it to him. That’s when the girlfriend, 28 year-old Marlenea Uravage, comes barreling into the shot, chasing her boyfriend. First she shoves him off of the sidewalk, then turns around and pushes the young girl to the ground.

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available to view.

The woman runs away after seeing the girl’s father racing outside to confront the woman who assaulted his daughter.

The mother of the girl requested the surveillance tape from the store and turned it over to the local media in hopes that someone would help them find out who hurt their daughter. Shortly after it aired, the brother of Uravage messaged the mother on social media and admitted that it was his sister who did that horrible thing.

The police plan to charge Uravage with harassment when they find her or when she turns herself in.

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