Little Boy Takes Down Teen Twice His Size After He Tries To Steal His Bike [VIDEO]

Little Boy Takes Down Teen Twice His Size After He Tries To Steal His Bike [VIDEO]

Just because a person is smaller than you doesn’t mean that they won’t hand you your backside on a silver platter, which is a mistake that a lot of people make when engaging in a fight. Often smaller opponents are more agile and able to move more quickly. Their strength can also be underestimated, as you wouldn’t typically think of a smaller fighter as being as strong, if not stronger, than someone bigger than them.

If that’s what you believe, then you’re about to experience 53 seconds of complete and total confusion.

The story goes that the larger teen attempted to steal the smaller boy’s bike. Apparently the kid didn’t like that and decided to fight the teen for it.

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The resulting video will make you cheer and laugh.

Watch the video below:

Just when the larger boy in the grey shorts thought he had the upper hand in the fight, the smaller boy picks him up and dumps him on the ground like he is nothing. (I think that he’s taken some classes, because while his strikes were a little wild and without any real form, he managed to pick that boy up like a sack of potatoes.)

The small boy then goes to town on the teen’s head with repeated shots. If it wasn’t so violent, it would actually be kind of impressive.

Okay, it’s impressive either way.

Mental note: DO NOT STEAL THIS KID’S BIKE. I wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with him unless I looked like Brock Lesnar or similar. On the upside, he’ll never get picked on in that neighborhood again. Or really, by anyone who has seen this video, and you know everyone involved has shown their friends and they’ve shown THEIR friends and by the end of the week everyone in that city is going to see it.

That poor teen.

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