Pack of Hoodlums Jump Smaller White Boy… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

Pack of Hoodlums Jump Smaller White Boy… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

Whether you believe this video is choreographed or not, I think we can all agree that it’s not okay for a group of people to confront a person who knows how to fight.

That is a good way to get seriously hurt.

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This video starts out with a couple trying to take a selfie. Two men walk up behind them and stand a little too close. Seconds later the man in the red jacket and the man in the white checkered shirt are swinging at each other while the woman is being pushed away by a tall man in a bright blue windbreaker.

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Watch the video below on YouTube:

The fight does look like a badly choreographed karate movie from the 80’s, but if it is, why would someone set up something like that? To impress their girl? To get views on the internet? Or is this real and just really bad?

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