Video: Guy Gets Sucker Punched and Comes Back Hard

Video: Guy Gets Sucker Punched and Comes Back Hard

This guy might be the comeback champ! He takes a solid left to the jaw and not only DOESN’T go down, but comes back swinging!

ghettofight1After being punched, the man in the grey-green shirt begins to walk away, perhaps to diffuse the situation. But when the man in the white shirt steps up to take another swing, that’s when the action starts.

ghettofight2The man in the white shirt, despite getting off a very good first punch, is knocked to the ground in short order. He rolls back up and tries to stumble away, but the guy in the green shirt isn’t having it. Seconds after getting back to his feet, the man in the white shirt is knocked back to the ground, and begins kicking at his attacker like a temperamental infant during a diaper change.

ghettofight3Green-shirt guy lands a sucker punch to the back of the other man’s head and then drops to his knees, commencing a ground-and-pound style technique. It starts to get unfair when the man on top gets up, kicked the downed man and then pulls on his dreads. A woman in a red jacket appears to get into the mix at this point, trying to break up the fight. After a final smackdown, the fight is broken up, but it appears the man in the white shirt didn’t get the message. He tries to approach the other man again, but this time he is stopped by the woman in the jacket. The video ends with the man clad in green receiving hugs from his friends, as though he just did something good.

To watch the video, click here.


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