Video: This Kid Can Throw Hands!

Video: This Kid Can Throw Hands!

With so many street fights looking like uncoordinated flail-fests, it’s “nice” to see people who actually know what they’re doing. In saying that, I’m not condoning outrageous behavior like this, but I can appreciate skill where I find it.


When the video starts, the kid in the white shirt seems to be in control of the fight. However the kid in the black shirt knocks him to the ground in short order, even getting in a cheap kick while he was down. One man in the background shouts “Let him get up,” obviously enjoying the fight. When the guy in the white shirt gets up, he throws what could be very solid punches, if the guy in the dark shirt wasn’t so good at avoiding them.

You can watch the fight here.

Under NO circumstances should anyone act in the way depicted in that video, but if you need to, at least have some basic boxing knowledge under your belt so you don’t end up like the kid in the white shirt.

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