WATCH: Thug Attacks No-Nonsense Grandpa – Gets KNOCKED OUT With Single Punch

WATCH: Thug Attacks No-Nonsense Grandpa – Gets KNOCKED OUT With Single Punch

It’s probably wrong to get a kick out of this… but I do. Call it a guilty pleasure. Some two-bit punk thug with baggy pants approached an older gentleman and started dishing crap to him. A viral video shows the older man taking out the idiot with one knockout punch. The kid went down and STAYED down. There are some people you just don’t mess with regardless of age and this guy is one of them. Good for him.

“I’m gonna hurt ya,” the older man warns his challenger before the fight. And sawdust for brains didn’t take him seriously. Sucks to be him. And hurt him he did. Brain damage on aisle four! No sympathy here. You had better know exactly who your opponent is before you take them on. Don’t assume age or physical appearance is the same as weakness, or you might find yourself kissing dirt like this scumbag.

That one punch connected… solidly. The cameraman made the astute observation that the challenger was in fact “knocked the f*** out.” I’ve seen a lot of fights on the Internet (unfortunately) and time and again, an older guy will be underestimated. When the punch comes, it lands like a Mack Truck. He did warn the kid who just wouldn’t listen and learned a very hard and painful lesson because of it.

If I had to bet on someone to fight hard and with all they had, it would be the older generation. Millennials tend to be soft and easy to take down mostly. In a fight, I’ll go with the older guy every time. Knowledge and wisdom are half the battle and it looks like he’s got the other half down pat. This kid didn’t even look like he knew how to fight, he just thought he had an easy target. Not so much.

This isn’t a coward’s knockout game. When this guy had to fight when he was younger, he finished what he started. And shame on the asshat filming this by the way. He was egging it on. Bunch of freaking punk animals. That’s another reason I get all warm and fuzzy watching this guy knock the ever living crap out of this thug. He had it coming. And his so-called friends filming the fight… they laughed at him and made fun of the idiot. God help us if this is the best we’ve got anymore and we have to go to war.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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