Wow. Senior ministers in Germany are calling for a ban on burqas and furthermore, are demanding an end to dual citizenship. Why? Because…terrorism sucks! They are well aware of the cause and are now fighting to protect themselves. These new implementations will certainly be rocking the boat with these new demands, but it will not stop their focus on increasing security measures. Of course with every fight worth fighting for, there is opposition…

A woman wearing a burqa in Paris, France

From the Telegraph:

Thomas de Maiziere, the country’s interior minister, is to detail a series of new proposals on Thursday, including the deportation of preachers who incite terrorism.

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But senior elected officials from Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) believe the new measures do not go far enough, and have published a series of more far-reaching proposals.

Mr de Maiziere is believed to support the call for tougher measures, and will add his signature to the proposals next week, according to local press reports.

Unlike some European countries, Germany has no restrictions on the wearing of burqas or headscarves in public.

Some lawyers have argued a ban could require a change to the German constitution, which protects freedom of religious expression.

The declaration calls for an end to dual citizenship on the grounds that it impedes integration. Under the current law, refugees and those born in Germany to immigrant parents are allowed dual citizenship.

“We reject this divided loyalty,” the declaration reads. “We suggest whoever wants to get involved with the politics of foreign governments leaves Germany.”

It is not clear whether the proposal would apply to nationals from other EU countries, who are also allowed dual citizenship under current laws.

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Under these new measures, even deportation will be made possible on grounds of the person being a “danger to public safety”.

This is a far cry from past efforts to protect their country. Those who incite violence and crime will find themselves subject to deportation for the first time…ever there.

This is actually huge. All those loud-mouthed, hate-spreading people who have been protected all this time even when calling for terrorist attacks will now be forced to leave Germany.

Do you think this change is exactly what Germany needs?

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