BREAKING: Norway Just Did What Obama Is Too Cowardly to Do

BREAKING: Norway Just Did What Obama Is Too Cowardly to Do

Hey… what do you know, some people do still use their brain! I’m shocked at the moment… Norway started a campaign against hate crimes. Instead of sticking up for the people who openly admit to wanting the non-Muslim believers slaughtered, these smarty pants politicians hatched a pretty simple plan. They got rid of the threat. Bye, bye cowardly Islamic terrorists. Liberals are pretty upset by this move…


From GOP The Daily Dose:

Norway planned to deport over 7,100 radicals in 2016.

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The majority of deportees had returned to Norway illegally or had committed crimes.

Only 2.3% of Norway’s population is Muslim according to the CIA World Factbook.


Anyone think America should adopt this program? If they don’t want to, (30% of Democrats say this was racism) maybe Norway will be the safest place to hide from terrorists.


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