Hillary Clinton in yet Another Coverup

By: Derek Varsalona

Another day, another scandal for the Obama Administration. The news broke Thursday, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State; she used her State Department email to conduct personal business on some occasions. According to the State Department, in 2005, they specially warned all employees not to use their public State Department e-mail to conduct private affairs. This rule could not be misinterpreted as it is clearly stated in the official manual for to all state employees. Well, this is concerning because it clearly shows that Secretary Hillary Clinton either disregarded that rule or did not read the handbook at all. If she does not read the handbook, what is to say she would not read a bill or bill briefing prior to signing it into law? In addition, did she even read any of the cables that came out of Benghazi? Did any State Department employee for that matter?

According to former Secretary Hillary Clinton, there is “no probation of using private emails for work.” She also claims, that the guidelines were not clear cut. You know what else is fuzzy Mrs. Clinton? What actually happened in Benghazi and your cover up is a major part of the scandal as to not painting a clear picture on what happened.

In fairness, Secretary Clinton stated, she will release all the e-mails in their entirety. According to State Department official with the amount of e-mails in question, the release of such documents could take a long time to produce. There are at about 55,000 emails to date that are in question from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server. According to Mrs. Clinton all of those emails have been forwarded to State Department officials.

It is hard to believe anything that the Clinton’s do. From here time as First Lady, she stole silver ware and other items in the White House prior to moving out. Then came the cover up of the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. Now this. Two real questions remain: does anybody in the media care? Will the liberal media try to take part in another cover up? If so that is corruption on the liberal media’s part.


Another hard Choice for Hillary Clinton: Deciding What e-mails to keep and what e-mails to delete. Photo Credit: Roger Friedman. “Hillary Clinton’s Hardest Choice to give a Ghost Writer Credit.” Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411. May 30, 2014

Photo Credit Website: http://www.showbiz411.com/2014/05/30/hillary-clintons-hardest-choice-to-give-new-ghostwriter-credit


Derek Varsalona

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