LOL! NY Times Editorial Board Thinks Obama Can Actually “Do Something” On Mid-East Peace

You’ll have to forgive the “LOL!”: I thought it was a bit more realistic than the overused “Oh, Snap!” Though, perhaps I should have used the more precise “ROTFLMAO”. Or, a simple “DERP”, as you will have competing facial expressions reading this tripe from the NY Times: President Obama and the Arab Spring

It should be no surprise that the ferment in the Arab world has touched the Palestinians, whose promised two-state solution is no closer than ever. On Sunday, the anniversary of Israel’s creation, thousands marching from Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank breached Israel’s borders and confronted Israeli troops. More than a dozen people were killed; scores were injured.

In non-Progressive world’s, those marches were actually “riots.” Say it with me, Fish Wrap – riiiii-ottttts.

According to The Times’s Ethan Bronner, the protests were coordinated via social media, but they also appeared to have support from Lebanon and President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, who is eager to divert attention from his crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

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What, no mention of Iran? But, the Times does spread some blame around, finally getting to Obama

President Obama has done far too little to break the stalemate. As he prepares to give a speech on Thursday on the Arab Spring, the White House signaled that he is unlikely to offer any new initiative to revive peace talks.

Obviously, the Fish Wrap has forgotten how it works: Obama gives a speech, which is so awesomely awesome, with lighting that makes it appear as if he has a halo, that the people he is talking to get all weepy eyed and inspired and are supposed to just get ‘er done! Who needs a plan? We have TOTUS!

Frankly, we do not see how Mr. Obama can talk persuasively about transformation in the Arab world without showing Palestinians a peaceful way forward. It is time for Mr. Obama, alone or with crucial allies, to put a map and a deal on the table. The two sides will not break the impasse by themselves.

First, did the Fish Wrap just call the Palestinians stupid and incompetent? Isn’t that raaaaacist/bigoted? As far as asking Obama to show the way forward, and actually have a plan, well, that’s like asking your cat to vacuum your living room. While either would be amusing, we know neither will happen, and, just like a cat, Obama simply can’t be bothered.

This is a singular moment of great opportunity and challenge in the Arab world. The United States and other democracies cannot dictate the outcome but must invest maximum effort and creativity to help shape it. There is no one-size-fits-all doctrine for dealing with disparate countries. The United States and its allies are right to balance values and strategic interests.

So, why has Team Obama mostly ignored the Arab uprisings, as well as waiting way too long in regards to Egypt, and starting a war, sorry, kinetic military operations, in Libya? Obama had his chance during the Iranian uprisings, and blew them off.

Still Mr. Obama can use the speech to articulate principles that Arab countries should follow as a condition of Western economic and political support: democratic elections, free markets, peaceful relations with neighboring states – including Israel – rights for women and minorities, the rule of law.

You mean they don’t do that now? Could it be that they practice….Sharia law, based on the teachings of the Koran? Anyhow, Democrats, including Obama, have tended to treat Israel with a complete lack of respect and rarely ever say “hey, Islamic jihadis, stop that terrorism!” Oh, and it’s kinda hard for Obama to articulate principles that he tends to destroy here in the United States.

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