Obama Finally Kills America’s Special Relationship With Britain?

One of the most ironic things about liberals is that they’ve fetishized the idea of having a coalition to do anything internationally even as they simultaneously trash any nation that actually significantly helps us.

Poland was one of only 3 nations that put:  its : troops on the line when we went into Iraq and:  it:  was:  : rewarded by having Obama sell:  it : out on missile defense. Israel is the only nation that truly treats America as an ally in the Middle East and:  it’s : suffered non-stop abuse at the hands of the Obama Administration as a result.

Then, of course, there’s Britain. When the Obama:  Administration wasn’t insulting : Britain with cheap, thoughtless gifts, they made it clear that they had no interest in backing the British claim on the Falkland Islands. Now, the Brits seem to be drawing the obvious conclusion from Obama’s behavior:

Talk of a “special relationship” between Britain and the United States should be dropped, a House of Commons committee said Sunday, adding the Iraq war carried important lessons for Anglo-US ties.
The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee said Britain should be “more willing to say no” to the United States and warned that London will probably not be able to influence Washington as much in future.

“The UK must continue to position itself closely alongside the US but there is a need to be less deferential and more willing to say no where our interests diverge,” the committee chairman, Labour’s Mike Gapes, said, summing up the report.

He added that the phrase “special relationship” — first coined by Winston Churchill in 1946, the year after World War II — was “potentially misleading, and we recommend that its use should be avoided”.

Incidentally, this isn’t a big shocker. Just over 3 years ago, back in 2006, I was predicting this:

Our “special relationship” with Britain — don’t be surprised if it ends when Tony Blair leaves office.

Of course, I wasn’t predicting back then that we’d have a Jimmy Carter part deux in office who’d be bowing to our enemies while he bent over backwards to systematically destroy our relationships with friendly nations like Britain, but even I can’t see ’em all coming, can I?

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