Obama Reaches for New Extremes: Susan Rice as National Security Adviser, Samantha Powers as UN Ambassador

Obama is doubling down on both his hard left ideology and his trademark Audacity of Arrogance by actually promoting Susan Rice, the woman who went on multiple talk shows 5 days after Benghazi to tell brazen lies blaming an American video for the terror attack. Her appointment as National Security Advisor, which will not require approval from the Senate, can only be seen as yet another poke in the eye to those who take America’s national security seriously.

Speaking of pokes in the eye, Rice’s current position as Ambassador to the UN will be taken by the ultra-left barking moonbat Samantha Power.

The mask has been removed. You could scour Occupy Wall Street infestations, liberal media newsrooms, and even Ivy League faculty lounges and not come up with a kook more extreme in her pernicious views than Ms. Power. Here she is calling for a US military invasion of our ally Israel for the purpose of imposing pro-Palestinian policies:

Did you think it was highly counterproductive hyperbole when Obama sanctimoniously called the saving of American lives by waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “torture”? Power goes further still; she compares it to genocide.

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Literally no one could be a worse choice to represent the United States. That lunatics like Power are even allowed in the White House is an alarming indication of how far off the rails Obama is taking the country.

The unnerving light in Power’s eyes is insanity.

On a tip from G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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