Obama’s Responds To This Morning’s TERRORIST Attack By Telling A JOKE…VIDEO

Obama’s Responds To This Morning’s TERRORIST Attack By Telling A JOKE…VIDEO

There’s a time and place for a joke. Tell a joke when you’re drinking with some buddies. Tell a joke around the dinner table. What President Obama did, however, is use a press conference about a shooting in Germany to give a little joke right in the middle of his explanation of what was occurring as people fought for their lives. Check out his outrageously inappropriate quip.


From Young Conservatives:

There is an awful situation unfolding in Munich right now.

Gunmen have opened fire at a shopping mall and are on the loose.

There is believed to be three of them.

We don’t know yet who is responsible.

There are conflicting reports of things the shooters said and what they looked like.

President Obama responded and just couldn’t quite manage to respond without putting his foot in his mouth.

Check out his response.

Notice the joke he cracked?

Maybe not the best time to be joking around?

Whatever one’s political bent or whatever one thinks about Barack Obama, can we all agree that cracking a joke during a press conference about deaths of others is NOT okay?

I like a good joke as much as anybody and sometimes interjecting a bit of levity into a situation is helpful. But this situation isn’t about Barack Obama or his daughter; it’s about people dying and a serious situation that demands respect.

He is, without a doubt, the most-shameful public official this nation has ever elected.

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