Rumors About the Ousted Dictators: Where is Mubarak? Is Ben Ali Dead?

What has become of the ousted strongmen of Egypt and Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak and: Zine El-Abidine : Ben Ali of Tunisia? There is plenty of speculation in the Middle Eastern media, both pro-Israeli and pro-Islamic.

A Palestinian website, Al-Arab, is behind the rumor about Mubarak in Israel.

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Via Israelitkan:

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in a luxury hotel in the Israeli city of Eilat, the Israel-based news site Al-Arab reported Tuesday. Locals said there was a huge presence of Israeli security forces surrounding the hotel, and airplanes were hovering above monitoring activity in the area, the Arabic-language site said. The report said a hotel employee said the Egyptian leader was a guest at the hotel. In recent days the Arab media has been rife with rumors that Mubarak fell into a coma at his residence in Sharm el-Sheik. The unconfirmed reports claim Mubarak fell into a coma on Saturday and has been refusing all medical treatment.

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“Tunisia Asks Saudi Arabia: Is Ben Ali Dead?”

There are recent rumors that Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali had a stroke and is near death in exile in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Tunisia’s government is asking if the former American ally and strongman has died.

Al-Arabiya news says there is great disagreement in the country over whether Ben Ali should be allowed burial in Tunisia.

If he’s alive, Tunisia wants him given back to face criminal charges.

Via AP:

“A United Nations mission has said at least 219 people were killed in the weeks of unrest – including dozens who died in prison fires – leading up to Ben Ali’s escape. A women’s group said in a report that security forces have raped, tortured and robbed people during the uprising.

The new charges come on top of claims by investigators looking into allegations that Ben Ali and his family held bank accounts and real estate in several countries aimed to launder money obtained illegally.

The call for extradition comes a day after a state TV jolted many Tunisians with a report showing investigators unearthing what they claimed were troves of jewels, cash and other riches in a secret safe tucked behind a bookshelf in a former Ben Ali palace.

The television report showed investigators poring over tightly wrapped stacks of high-denomination dollars, euros and other foreign currencies, and showcased an array of diamond- and emerald-studded necklaces and other jewelry in finely crafted wooden cases at the palace in the posh Tunis suburb of Sidi Bousaid.

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