Starving Crowds Surge Into Streets Demanding RECALL Of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro!

Starving Crowds Surge Into Streets Demanding RECALL Of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro!

Venezuelans are fed up and want their country to be like it was 20 years ago… you know, before the Marxists took control. Thousands poured into the streets demanding that Maduro be recalled.

The people in Venezuela are starving to death. The government has taken over the media, private businesses and just about anything else they see. The lines for food go on forever and even if they get to the front of the line, there usually is nothing left to give them. They have resorted to eating their pets, zoo animals and anything they can find. Looters are hung and burned in the streets. It’s apocalyptic.

There is virtually no medical care now. Imagine not being able to get insulin… those who are ill and in need of medication are the first to die. The rest are simply wasting away. There’s nothing left on the shelves in the stores and these people look like they’ve lost hope. But their fighting spirit is not dead and they want their country back… without Maduro.


From the Las Angeles Times:

Nothing was going to stop Nelson Rivas from joining the Taking Caracas demonstration on Thursday — not his wheelchair, not the six-mile distance over uneven pavement, not the whiffs of tear gas, not the ominous threats of arrests from President Nicolas Maduro.

“I came to demand that the recall election take place according to the constitution,” said Rivas, 35. “Whatever your point of view, the condition of the country is the worst.”

Rivas took his place in the ranks that filled Francisco de Miranda Avenue, one of three main streets in the capital brimming with thousands and thousands of protesters, mostly dressed in white. Surrounding him were people carrying posters reading “No more socialism,” “Maduro Out,” and “Venezuela wants a recall.”

Leftist politics are definitely falling out of favor in Latin America. Socialism/Marxism/Communism never ever works and despots always fill a vacuum. In 2008, 8 out of 10 of the largest countries in South America were Marxist. But when people go hungry, there is no work and when inflation spirals out of control, people tend to lose their sense of humor over leftist ideology.

“We want the Venezuela we had 20 years ago, when there was food, security, medicine, when the money you made was enough to buy what you needed,” said Agustín Perez , a 30-year-old carpenter who lives in the poor east Caracas barrio El Atlantico.

“Maduro can’t offer any of that,” said Perez, who walked five miles to the protest after Maduro closed down the subways close to the protest route to discourage attendance.

In Argentina and Peru, conservatives won their recent elections. In Brazil, the hated communist Dilma Rousseff, was ousted permanently. She was impeached.

In Venezuela, which has been on the verge of collapse for awhile, the people there want the Marxists gone as well. They long for the days of prosperity when capitalism was allowed to work its magic. Some lessons are very hard to learn and America may face that same horrendous lesson and soon. Hugo Chavez destroyed Venezuela and Maduro is finishing it off. Small wonder the people want his head… literally.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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