Venezuela Begins to Ignite, as MSM Looks Away

Even with Hugo Chavez gone, Hope & Change will continue to drag on in Venezuela, until such a time as people are able to put a stop to it, just as it will here even after the ruling oligarchy has replaced Obama with another figurehead. Venezuelans are a little further down the road toward straightforward Marxism than we are. Already they have reached the point where any attempt to place Big Government back within its proper constraints is met with censorship and violence:

Over the past week, Venezuelan protesters have been fighting against corruption in the government, high inflation, and a high murder rate.

On February 12th, at least three people were confirmed to have been killed during anti-government protests by “armed vigilantes on motorcycles.”

As [a] result of the growing unrest among the people of Venezuela, the government has censored news and Twitter images.

Now on the fifth day of protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro still says he won’t resign.

Instead, Maduro has said he will not let the protesters who call for his resignation cause chaos. According to Reuters, “troops have fired teargas and water cannons to clear about 1,000 protesters who lit trash bonfires and threw stones in an affluent part of eastern Caracas.”

The communist regime in Cuba, which has been openly hostile to the USA for decades to the point of egging on the Soviet Union to attack us with nuclear weapons, is reportedly training thugs to assault and kill protestors.

Considering that Venezuela is in the USA’s backyard, and that it is a major supplier of our energy needs (not to mention baseball players), you would think these events would warrant major news coverage. The “mainstream” media that hyped Obama into power disagrees. As Legal Insurrection notes:

One would never suspect such a crisis is currently going on in Venezuela, to look at the homepages of CNN, Fox, CBS, and ABC News.

Instead, the games in Sochi dominate the homepages.

Do they really think we are that frivolous? Or are they afraid the uprising against Maduro and his brutal response may give us ideas about how events will unfold if Obama continues to violate the Constitution and Republicans continue to collaborate by offering no resistance?

Fortunately we are no longer reliant on the establishment media to find out what’s going on out there. Here are a few photos you might find on Twitter:





If this keeps up, it could be harder for the dinosaur media to ignore than the Tea Party.

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