Another PARIS ATTACK Kills 80, Injures 50…So What Have We Learned From This?

Another PARIS ATTACK Kills 80, Injures 50…So What Have We Learned From This?

By now you know that at least 80 people have been killed and more than 50 injured after a 25 ton semi-truck mowed down crowds of French men, women and children who were celebrating Bastille Day for more than a mile. But that’s not all. The driver then jumped out of the vehicle and began to continue to mow down French citizens until police finally shot the bastard dead.


What does this all mean? Well, if you haven’t been paying attention – more of the same. More of the same horrific emotions and loss at the hands of Islamic terror. More of the same rhetoric without real action by socialist French President Francois Hollande. More rush to NOT blame Islam and its sick and twisted cult of death religion. More of the same crying and whimpering in the corner, while waiting for the next attack…which will come, you can count on that.


You Prime Ministers and Presidents that have allowed your people to be targets of attack, all because you feel enlightened, or whatever the hell your excuse is – you all are responsible for this attack. You all are responsible for the previous attacks and you all will be responsible for the ones coming.

How long do you think the people in whom you were elected to serve will put up with your willful ignorance of the danger? There was one eyewitness that described the attack in France. They said they saw ‘bodies flying like bowling pins’ and ‘hearing noises, cries that I will never forget’. Do you care? Not enough to do what must be done. Not enough, AT ALL.

‘The truck driver was said to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is greatest – before being killed. Pro-ISIS groups have been celebrating the attack, orchestrated to coincide with France’s most important national holiday, but as of yet the terror group has not officially claimed responsibility. A huge cache of guns, grenades and ‘larger weapons’ were later found inside the lorry, which mounted the pavement at approximately 40 mph and steered directly towards hundreds of people watching a fireworks display. Around 100 revelers are then said to have dived into the sea as panic ensued and holiday crowds desperately ran for their lives.’

France is yet again on lock down. So when will they and every other nation take Islamic Terror seriously? Probably never. Why?

Because it isn’t them being killed and targeted.

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