‘GO AWAY SATAN!’ The Last Words Of French Priest MURDERED By Radical Islamist…

‘GO AWAY SATAN!’ The Last Words Of French Priest MURDERED By Radical Islamist…

The Western world is under attack. While naïve “leaders” pretend that Islam poses no danger to the Western world, Europe remains under siege by waves of violence that have been welcomed by treasonous “leaders” who advance open-border policies. Sadly, it is common citizens that must face the deadly consequences of these decisions. One such man was Jacques Hamel, a priest who had his throat slit by Islamic jihadists in France. Reports indicate that Hamel recognized the murderers for who they were: Satan.


From Young Conservatives:

Late last month, a Catholic priest in France had his throat slit by radical Islamic jihadists.

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Two armed men entered the priest’s church during mass, and carried out the will of Allah.

Now, Jacques Hamel’s last words have been revealed.

Tells you everything you need to know about radical Islam.

From The Blaze:

ROUEN, France (TheBlaze/AP) — The archbishop of Rouen led a solemn funeral Mass Tuesday for an elderly priest slain a week ago by two Islamic State extremists. During the ceremony, attendees learned the last words that the Rev. Jacques Hamel said to his murderers as he tried to push them away with his feet.

“Go away, Satan!” the 86-year-old cleric commanded before the assailants slit his throat at the altar of his parish.

Hundreds of priests and bishops filled the sumptuous Rouen cathedral alongside several hundred people, including Muslims who have joined in the grieving since the brutal attack that occurred as the priest celebrated morning Mass.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack in which Hamel, two nuns and an elderly couple were held hostage before the killers slashed the priest’s throat and seriously wounded the other man. Another nun at the Mass slipped away and sounded an alarm. Police shot to death both attackers as they left the church.

The Christian Post reported that since the murder several French Muslim leaders have refused to bury the two 19-year old radicals.

Hamel’s grisly murder came less than two weeks after 84 people were killed in an attack in Nice, France, by a man who drove a truck into a crowd of Bastille Day revelers. The events sent shockwaves throughout a country rattled by a series of violent attacks carried out by Islamic extremists.

“Evil is a mystery. It reaches heights of horror that take us out of the human,” Archbishop Dominique Lebrun said Tuesday during the two-hour Mass. “Isn’t that what you wanted to say, Jacques, with your last words, when you fell to the ground? After you were struck by the knife, you tried to push away your assailants with your feet and said, ‘Go away, Satan.’ You repeated it, ‘Go away, Satan.’”

‘Satan,’ like God, is ubiquitous.

Unfortunately, Islamists embrace one while claiming to love their version of the other.

RIP, Jacques Hamel.

Whether one believes in God, Jesus or any Judeo-Christian principle, we should all be able to agree that evil exists.

These pathetic cowards who kill in the name of Allah may not have been Lucifer himself, but they were certainly doing his handy work.

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