Obama’s Syrian Refugees Arrive in America After Horrific ISIS/Refugee Attack in Paris

Obama’s Syrian Refugees Arrive in America After Horrific ISIS/Refugee Attack in Paris

The first load of Syrian refugees has arrived in New Orleans. Two families were brought in under Obama’s new refugee resettlement program. The timing is horrific coming on the heels of the atrocity in Paris where ISIS and Syrian refugees conducted eight separate terrorist attacks, killing 129 and injuring more than 350. Americans cringe over this, because we realize Obama is bringing death to America. These refugees are not vetted and there will surely be radical Islamists in the mix. Just to be clear, two of the gunmen in Paris had Syrian passports and were refugees. One attacker was a woman and one was as young as 15 as well. Obama announced on the very same day that corpses piled up in Paris that he would be accelerating and expanding the number of Syrians brought into America. He certainly hasn’t halted the move. It’s Obama’s figurative ‘Death to America!’ coming to life or death as the case may be.

Syrian Refugees

From Michele Hickford/Allen West:

Just to recap, on Friday night, Paris was under siege by a coordinated Islamic terror attack. It is now known that at least one of the attackers was most probably a Syrian “asylum seeker” who had crossed into Western Europe the beginning of October.

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On the same day Paris was attacked, the Obama administration announced it would be speeding up and increasing the number of Syrians allowed into this country.

Oh, and in case you forget, in September a Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into Western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees according to the Express.

The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.

“Just wait,” he smiled.

Two Turkish refugee-smugglers backed up the claims made by the ISIS Syrian operative.

One admitted to helping more than ten trained ISIS rebels infiltrate Europe under the guise of asylum seekers.

He said: “I’m sending some fighters who want to go and visit their families.

“Others just go to Europe to be ready.”

Well, apparently they got ready. And it’s just a matter of time for us.

In Louisiana, WALB reports “the flood of refugees migrating from the terror in Syria and Afghanistan has begun to have a trickle effect in the New Orleans area.

“We had served two families, we’re expecting one more soon, and we do not know how many more, but we expect more,” said Martin Gutierrez of Catholic Charities, which is part of the Archidiocese of New Orleans.

Catholic Charities has targeted services for helping refugees.

“So it’s a matter of uniting the families, which is something that the church really promotes, obviously. Some of them don’t have relatives and we try to help them become integral parts of our communities,” Gutierrez said.”

Yes, good luck with that. Help them become integral parts of our communities.

“New Orleans FBI chief and anti-terrorism expert Jim Bernazzani said, “If I was in charge of ISIL, logistically I’d take advantage of this situation and put my people in, into the United States. Now with that said, the FBI is on top of this big time with our Joint Terrorism Task Force and we have what’s called a Terrorist Screening Center that these individuals will be run through.”

But make no mistake, not every refugee seeking admission to the U.S. would face such scrutiny.

“It’s going to be the 18- to 45-year-old male for the most part,” he said. “It’s a percentage game. It’s not fail-safe, but it’s a percentage game.”

But remember folks, we have to be successful 100 percent of the time. They only need to be successful once.

“It is part of our Christian faith to welcome the stranger,” said Gutierrez.”

And yes that is true. But it is part of the Islamic faith to subdue and kill infidels.

I don’t know what you think, but none of this is making me feel secure. When the enemy tells you exactly what they’re going to do, does it, and in one night you have 129 people dead and 352 wounded, isn’t it time to take them seriously? Oh and don’t forget…they just blew up an airliner too.

As Michele Hickford points out, in September, a Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into Western nations. Just what does everyone think the result of that will be? The world is at war and doesn’t seem to realize it. These two families were just the first to land here in America. 10’s of thousands more are on the way. Under the guise of charity, churches will help these families settle in, not realizing they could very well be helping murderous terrorists fit right in and bide their time. Even the FBI knows that it is just a matter of time now before a major attack from ISIS occurs in the US. I have no faith that our agencies will catch these terrorists. None at all. All it takes is one major attack to be successful. Just ask the French. Just ask those who survived 9/11 here in the States. Islamists have no problem lying to infidels and using them; then killing them in all sorts of horrific ways. When our children and families are dying in the streets like they did in Paris, you can thank Obama, if you are still alive that is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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