Soldiers Arrest Knifeman Who Stormed Eiffel Tower Shouting “Allah Akhbar”

Soldiers Arrest Knifeman Who Stormed Eiffel Tower Shouting “Allah Akhbar”

Mental health again? Really? Another whacked out Jihadist pulled out a knife at the Eiffel Tower and supposedly cried, “Allah Akhbar!” What he probably yelled is, “Allahu Akbar!”… but that’s just me being picky here. The tower was shut down and evacuated after the incident and if this guy was carrying out an attack, he failed miserably at it. Instead of labeling this a terrorist attack and that an Islamic extremist went psycho there, the authorities are saying it wasn’t a terrorist, but a mentally disturbed man who lost it. The two are not mutually exclusive… in fact, they are like peanut butter and chocolate… they go together, except with more blood and way less yumminess.

This was a 19 year-old Jihadist. If he is nuts, there seems to be an awful lot of loony tunes Islamists out there these days. I’m ashamed to say that I have become used to this now and it doesn’t even register on my ‘shock’ scale anymore. The Islamist tried to force himself past security at the base of the tower after pulling the knife. It didn’t work and he was arrested. He did not resist. The obvious plan here was to cause fear and chaos. He succeeded with that. No dead infidels, but there’s always next time. It is France after all.

From Breitbart:

French police have cited the mental health of a man who drew a knife and shouted the Islamist war-cry “Allah Akhbar” at the Eiffel Tower Saturday night after the apparently foiled attack led to the tourist attraction being evacuated.

A 19-year-old male pulled a knife during an attempt to breach security at the base of the tower, and as he forced his way past security guards shouted “Allah Akhbar”, causing an evacuation of the popular landmark. French newspaper Le Figaro reports the suspect, who is a French citizen of Mauritanian origin, was ordered to put the knife down by soldiers who were present at the scene, and that he immediately complied and offered no resistance as he was arrested.

Although police initially opened an investigation into terrorism and attempted murder after the foiled attack, a police source subsequently said of the suspect: “This is the profile of someone who has a psychiatric history and who came out of a psychiatric [hospital] at the end of July”.

A source quoted by the newspaper said of the incident: “A man crossed the first fence by jostling a security guard with a strike to the shoulder and then pulled out a knife shouting ‘Allah Akbar’.

The Jihadist was released from a psychiatric hospital at the end of July, so he did indeed have issues. But terrorism is still terrorism and this certainly qualifies. “Sentinel Operation soldiers then ordered him to put his knife on the ground, he put it down without resistance and was immediately arrested.” No one was injured. The soldiers who took part in the confrontation were members of Operation Sentinel, the ongoing military deployment to the French mainland of up to 100,000 soldiers to keep the peace and protect key targets including tourist attractions and schools from terrorist attacks.

The French have already put up an eight-foot tall bulletproof glass wall around the landmark to protect it. It’s meant to stop terrorists from approaching from any direction, except possibly from overhead. That’s next. I’m glad they stopped the guy, but trust me… they’ll get more inventive. They really, really, really want to hit the Eiffel Tower.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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