Alarming Support for Effective Repeal of First Amendment in Favor of Laws Against Politically Incorrect Speech

Despite the Hope & Change inflicted by the bloated federal government through unaccountable agencies like the EPA and the IRS, people still refer to the USA as the “Land of the Free.” But will it still be considered a free country — and will it even be recognizable as America — if the First Amendment falls victim to political correctness? We may soon find out:

YouGov’s latest research shows that many Americans support making it a criminal offense to make public statements which would stir up hatred against particular groups of people.

In practical terms, to “stir up hatred against particular groups” means to say anything deemed critical (or opposed to the interests) of politically favored blocs like blacks, Muslims, illegal aliens, and homosexuals. No one is going to prosecute those who denounce white Christians; that would be racist.

Once we have crossed the Rubicon by discarding the First Amendment, the current slippery slope toward tyranny will be replaced by a plunge off a cliff.

Want to undo Obama’s undoing of welfare reform or reassert law and order in places like Baltimore? That could be construed as hateful toward blacks, who consume a disproportionate amount of welfare money and commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

Worried about terrorism or the rise of the Islamic State? Want to let people know what Islam is actually about? That would be hateful toward Muslims.

Want to secure the border and enforce immigration law before the country is completely overrun by the Third World? Keep it to yourself, lest you commit hate speech against illegal aliens.

Want to read aloud from the Bible? Mind you avoid passages deemed hateful toward gays.

Due to the way cultural Marxism has configured our politics, there is nothing you could say to challenge left-wing ideology that could not be construed as stirring up “hatred” toward a sacred “victim” group. The concept of criminal hate speech effectively bans all intellectual resistance.

Yet look at the numbers they are able to achieve by making us forget the word “freedom” in favor of the phony word “hate”:


If it were up to the majority of Democrats, I would be hauled off to prison for writing this.

America’s deliberately engineered “changing demographics” make sense from the point of view of tyrants:


Consider the “progress” progressives have made in undermining Christianity by normalizing homosexual marriage in just the past few years. A stand that only recently was too extreme even for Obama and Hillary Clinton is now presented as mainstream, and those who resist it are snarlingly denounced as “haters.” Now consider what leftist social engineers will be able to do with plurality support for criminalizing speech deemed to be politically incorrect.

Reagan famously said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” It looks very possible that this will be that generation — which would reduce the sacrifices we acknowledge on Memorial Day to heroic but futile gestures on behalf of a country that turned out not to be worth dying for.

Obviously we can’t let that happen. In the past we could count on heroes in the armed forces to defend our freedom. But now the primary enemy is within. In the information war, every American has a duty to fight by whatever means they can.

Soon they could be throwing us in jail for it.

On a tip from J. Hat tips: PJ Media, NRO. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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