Berkeley Passes Tax on Soda

Despite the Democrat bloodbath, there is some good news for liberals from Tuesday. Berkeley managed to pass a punitive tax on soda pop:

Voters approved Measure D, a penny-per-ounce tax, by a 3-to-1 margin after a bitter campaign battle, with the beverage industry spending more than $2.1 million to oppose the initiative. The pro-tax campaign was bolstered by more than $650,000 from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Berkeley has now done what more than two dozen other cities and states have tried and failed to do in recent years: Put in place a punitive tax on sugar-sweetened beverages designed to reduce consumption and raise revenue. The measure, which covers sports drinks, sweet teas and beverage syrups used in coffee shops, would raise the price of a 20-ounce Coca-Cola by about 10 percent.

It figures Berkeley would take the lead on this progressive jihad. Seventy-two percent of Americans oppose a tax on sugar. But that’s counting little people. Berkeley is the home of the liberal elite. It festers amid one of the most affluent counties in California, and ranks just below NYC and LA for the most massive gap between rich and poor. Where you have no middle class, you have no common sense. In its absence, liberalism flourishes. Berkeley is the most liberal city in California.

This is a town so moonbatty, its City Council unanimously passed an ordinance providing free marijuana for the poor. This same City Council also passed a resolution (while the country was at war) demanding that the Marines shut down their local recruitment center.

If nuclear war breaks out, head for Berkeley; it has declared itself a nuclear-free zone.

Who cares if a bunch of snooty moonbat totalitarians force each other to pay too much for soda? You should, because diseases that take root amid the fruits and nuts of California have a way of spreading nationwide.

As soda taxes spread, they will inevitably climb ever upward into absurdity just as with cigarettes, and as with cigarettes will be supplemented with various bans. Maybe you don’t drink the stuff anyway. But ask yourself: if these Nanny State Nazis would go after something as totally innocuous as soda pop, is there anything whatsoever they won’t demonize and then take away from you for your own supposed good?

Bloomberg Soda
Bloomberg must be delighted.

On a tip from Lauren P. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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