Bob Fyfe Versus Those Who Would Throw Him in Jail

Not everyone has been so beaten into submission by political correctness as to suffer the moonbattery that is killing our country in silence. Hats off to Bob Fyfe of Lawrence, Kansas for using his right of free speech while it is still acknowledged to exist:

Bob Fyfe is closing his furniture store and moving out, but not before he tells people in the town how he feels.

Fyfe set up three, moving billboards, slamming Lawrence and its residents for their pro-Obama views.

The three billboards read “Lawrence Sucks,” “Restore Freedom,” and “Goodbye Obamaville.”

The signs also target the LGBT community, single mothers and undocumented workers [liberalese for illegal aliens who may or may not work].

“This is my business, those are my feelings this is an extreme liberal town and I just had to get out of it,” Fyfe said, “I call it free speech. I call it telling it like it is.”

Amen. Uh oh…

He may have his right to free speech, but town officials are investigating whether or not the billboards break any laws, and are making sure Fyfe has the right permits.

Fyfe can be glad is fate doesn’t rest in the hands of Tanya Cohen, who shrieks that it is “time to bring the hammer down” on speech disapproved of by liberals:

Recent scandals involving right-wing hatemongers like Phil Robertson, Donald Sterling, Bill Maher…

Robertson’s crime was admitting that he doesn’t approve of sexual perversion. Sterling was figuratively crucified for a remark he made in a private conversation. Maher is reliably ultra-left on virtually every issue, but has been critical of the genocidal “Religion of Peace.” Now back into Cohen’s totalitarian twilight zone:

…and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity have brought to light one of America’s biggest embarrassments: the fact that America remains the only country in the world without any legal protections against hate speech. In any other country, people like Phil Robertson and Donald Sterling would have been taken before a Human Rights Commission and subsequently fined and/or imprisoned and/or stripped of their right to public comment for making comments that incite hatred and violence against vulnerable minorities. But, in the US, such people are allowed to freely incite hatred and violence against vulnerable minorities with impunity, as the US lacks any legal protections against any forms of hate speech – even the most vile and extreme forms of hate speech remain completely legal in the so-called “land of the free”. Not only is this a violation of the most basic and fundamental human rights principles, but it’s also an explicit violation of legally-binding international human rights conventions.

Remember when liberals used to haughtily denounce the USA for allegedly being the only advanced country that had not let the government take over the healthcare industry? Now we have ObamaCare, and liberals have moved on to denouncing the USA for allegedly being the only country that does not throw people in prison for failing to conform to a liberal’s conception of the correct set of opinions.

For many decades, human rights groups around the world – from Amnesty International to Human Rights First to the United Nations Human Rights Council – have told the United States that it needs to pass and enforce strong legal protections against hate speech in accordance with its international human rights obligations. As of 2015, the US is the only country in the world where hate speech remains completely legal.

That must be why so many Middle Eastern clerics get thrown in prison for calling Jews pigs and demanding they be murdered.

I have always been a major champion of the unalienable right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the bedrock of any democratic society, and freedom of speech must be upheld to the maximum possible extent. However…

She then goes on at unreadable length explaining why anyone expressing an opinion she disagrees with should be imprisoned for “hate speech.” Like global warming, “It’s not something that’s even up for debate.” No doubt debating it would qualify as hate speech.

Her views are not far outside the mainstream of liberal thought nowadays. If we don’t fight like tigers against liberalism, many alive today will live to see an “America” in which Bob Fyfe is locked up for his billboards — if not treated to a bullet in the back of the head out back of the police station, as in other progressive utopias.

The sooner we stop progressivism, the more conceivable it is that we actually will stop it before demons like Tanya Cohen plunge us into hell.

While it is still legal, let’s have a look at Fyfe’s billboards:




Thought criminal!

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