Britain Prepares to Crack Down on Sugar

Here we go. First comes demonization from the media and politically motivated “experts.” Then come the taxes and bans. From once great Britain:

A sugar tax must be slapped on fizzy drinks and supermarkets should be banned from selling discounted junk food to tackle the child obesity crisis, MPs say today.

In a major report, the Health Select Committee said ministers should also introduce a ban on TV adverts for unhealthy brands being screened before 9pm, especially during family shows.

A few of the authoritarian moonbats’ demands:

• A 20 per cent sugar tax on fizzy and soft drinks;

• A ban on ‘guilt lanes’ in supermarkets and high street stores which tempt customers with treats just before the tills;

• Tough controls on ‘buy one get one free’ style deals on junk food and fizzy drinks;

• A 9pm watershed for TV adverts for unhealthy brands especially during The X Factor on ITV and football matches;

• A crackdown on cartoon characters such as the Kellogg’s Coco Pops monkey and the Dairylea cow being used to target children;

• Compulsory labels stating how many teaspoons of sugar there are in everyday items; and

• An end to supersize portions and free drinks refills at restaurants, fast food chains and cinemas.

Have you noticed what happened to the price of cigarettes? The same thing will happen to anything that has sugar or corn syrup in it, until sweeteners are completely unaffordable or banned altogether. Then they will move on to some other staple of a normal diet.

It will soon be time to start hoarding.

On tips from Master of the Minions and Brian H. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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