Contrived Police Brutality Production Comes to Phoenix: What Drives It

The police brutality spectacle that has pushed Obama’s collapsing presidency out of the news has opened a showing in Phoenix:

The deadly shooting of a black, unarmed [see below] drug suspect by a white Phoenix police officer who mistook a pill bottle for a gun demonstrates the challenges law enforcement agencies face at a time of [deliberately manufactured] unrest over police tactics.

Phoenix police say the officer feared the suspect was armed during their struggle, but some critics [prominently including the all-powerful media] say the officer went too far. Despite the department’s efforts to be transparent with information, protesters marched Thursday night against the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon.

About 150 took part in the march through the streets of downtown Phoenix to police headquarters, while also calling for an end to what they say is a nationwide epidemic of police brutality.

The police chief and top prosecutor in metro Phoenix met with the president of the NAACP’s Maricopa County Branch and other civil rights leaders in the hours after the incident, which came as emotions are running high in New York, Missouri and elsewhere over what protesters call heavy-handed law enforcement efforts.

Imagine the police meeting hat in hand with representatives of the Ku Klux Klan after a black officer was forced to shoot a white criminal. That would be the equivalent.

Here’s what happened:

According to Sgt. Trent Crump, the officer responded Tuesday to reports of someone selling drugs out of a Cadillac SUV. Upon locating the SUV, he ordered Brisbon, the sole occupant, to show his hands.

Authorities say Brisbon ran inside an apartment building and then got into a struggle with the officer. Brisbon put his hand in his pocket, and when the officer grabbed the hand, he thought he felt the handle of a gun through Brisbon’s pants, police said.

Police say the officer repeatedly told Brisbon to keep his hand in his pocket, then shot him twice when he didn’t.

He would have been a fool if he hadn’t. If Brisbon’s hand had come out with a gun, he would be a dead fool.

Regarding Brisbon’s gun:

Brisbon, an ex-convict, was hit in the torso and later pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators recovered a semi-automatic handgun and a jar of marijuana from his SUV.

What is behind this “nationwide epidemic of police brutality”? Have racist cops suddenly begun a campaign of murder? No they have not. The “crisis” is as phony as the debunked global warming hoax.

Part of it is a simple matter of who is in charge. The Regime consists of Obama, Holder, Jarrett, et al., with their communist/black power backgrounds, and the fellow traveler “mainstream” media that hyped them into power. It should surprise no one that they side with black criminals against white defenders of law and order for ideological reasons.

A larger part is a highly effective campaign to distract the public’s attention from Obama’s increasing lawlessness, collapsing popularity, incoherent if not treasonous foreign policy, economic ineptitude, and endless scandals. The Moonbat Messiah’s wheels are coming off, so the media shouts, “Look over there, a squirrel!”

But there is more.

Even now America is for the most part a free country, not only because of the division of powers that Obama has been exploiting a supine Congress and complicit media to erode, but because power is disseminated. The cop on your street thankfully does not take orders from Eric Holder, but from local authorities answerable to the community. The purpose of making a massive media pageant out of every case of a white officer being forced to kill (or accidently killing) one of the countless black criminals who perpetually cause havoc is to provide a pretext for radicals like Obama and Holder to do to local policing what Common Core has been doing to education — centralize authority in federal hands.

This is a major step in the transition from soft to hard tyranny. Without a hard tyranny of the type that features not just damp rat-like bureaucrats but gulags and mass graves, Obama cannot achieve the full agenda — as his Weather Underground friends have explicitly stated. Like many other aspects of Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America, the coming federalization of local police would be worth fighting another civil war to stop.

That’s why they wrap up this objective in worship of the sacred put-upon black man — the same tactic they used to put a radical leftist in the White House. The thin edge of the wedge will be federally imposed regulations to combat the absurd specter of “racial profiling.”

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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