Dukes of Hazzard Are Latest Casualty of Liberal Establishment’s War of Obliteration Against the South

Oppression does not need to be inflicted directly by the government for a society to be totalitarian. On the contrary, in a truly totalitarian society, the oppression is so ubiquitous, the government hardly needs to get involved. An example would be the USA in 2015, where a television standard that has been part of our culture for decades is going down the memory hole because the flag on the roof of a car is now regarded as a thought crime. Good-bye Dukes of Hazzard; you were just a little too Southern to be permitted:

The Viacom-owned cable network [TV Land] quietly removed The Dukes of Hazzard from their programming schedule [Monday] in the wake of recent controversy regarding the show’s extensive use of the Confederate flag. The 1979-85 series had been airing twice daily at 4:36 p.m. and 5:38 p.m. (ET) and, according to listings at TV Guide.com, was scheduled to continue in that slot. The classic Western Bonanza will now air in its place.

…at least until Westerns are banished for reminding liberals of the victimizers of Indians.

The Dukes have been consigned to oblivion due to the roof of the General Lee:

Thirty years after the CBS hit rode off into the Georgia sunset, The Dukes made headlines once again last week when Warner Bros. (which produced the series and still retains the rights) announced they would no longer license the show’s Confederate flag-emblazoned 1969 Dodge Charger (known as The General Lee).

Confirming that leftist ideology takes precedence over profit, major retailers will not sell you a Confederate flag, despite explosive demand. Amazon is willing to sell you the flags of the blood-soaked Islamic terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas, but not something politically unclean like the Confederate Naval Jack, which for generations has served as the most readily identifiable symbol of the South.

To obliterate the concept of the South won’t be easy, since it has been integral to American culture as a whole for centuries. Apple has already gone to the extreme of pulling Civil War games from the App Store.

It isn’t just corporations. The liberal establishment’s entire power structure has been mobilized, including the sort of independently acting hooligans who typically feature in the rise of authoritarianism:

Vandals have targeted monuments dedicated to the leaders and soldiers of the Confederacy, painting the slogan “Black lives matter” on memorials in a half-dozen states where the landmarks stand tall in parks and outside government buildings.

Academia is playing its part by egging on the vandals:

Michael Allen, a lecturer in American culture studies at Washington University in St. Louis, compared the vandalism to the toppling of statues in Russia at the end of the Soviet empire.

“If the monuments are strong statements of past values, defacing them is the easiest and loudest way to rebuke those statements,” Allen said.

Local government is of course in on it:

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton wants to dig up the bodies of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and remove them from a city park in the latest and perhaps most despicable example of the anti-Southern cleansing spreading across the nation.

In North Charleston, a police officer was fired for wearing Confederate boxer shorts.

So as not to alarm the shrinking percentage of Americans who still think of themselves as a free people, the federal government has limited its role in the campaign — but of course it is helping to set the tone:

The Confederate flag is no longer flying over Fort Sumter.

The National Park Service said the flag, along with other historic replicas, was taken down last week in the wake of the Charleston church shooting [that was exploited as a pretext for the purge].

Officials with Fort Sumter say the flag will not be going back up.

The hysterical purge constitutes cultural genocide. The South is being erased. When it is gone from public consciousness, liberals will find some other aspect of our culture that they regard as politically impure, which will follow down the memory hole, until there is nothing left but unmitigated moonbattery.

Down the memory hole for being Southern.

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