Feds Come Down on Father for Defending His Kids From Grizzly

A government as overbearing and depraved as our own does not have the consent of the governed. For example, Jeremy Hill of Porthill, Idaho stands charged in federal court of killing a grizzly bear to protect his children. His peers are hardly taking the government’s side.

The most dangerous kind of grizzly — a mother with its cubs — invaded the property where Hill is raising six children. They attacked pigs kept in a pen. Hill sensibly shot one of the bears, scaring the others off.

Then he did something foolish: instead of adhering to the three S’s (shoot, shovel, shut up), he informed the antihuman moonbat authorities, who have charged him with a federal crime, the Tenth Amendment having been discarded.

So many of Hill’s supporters packed the courtroom at his arraignment that they had to move the hearing to a larger room. About $20,000 has been raised locally for his defense from the federal leviathan.

If found guilty of putting his children’s safety before the well-being of the bears, Hill could face a year in prison, a $50,000 fine, and a year of “supervised release.”

Do our rulers expect that the next time Hill’s children are menaced by a bear, instead of defending them he will call up Washington and ask them to send out a bureaucrat?

No one could be expected to obey the laws we are forced to live under by our liberal overlords. In a tyranny, the law has no meaning. Government does not represent us, but is merely a threat we need to defend ourselves against, like bears.

If it threatens your kids, shoot it and deal with the government later.

On tips from AC and lonelypatriot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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