Google Moves to Silence Conservative Websites Before 2018 Election

Google Moves to Silence Conservative Websites Before 2018 Election

Everyone is aware, at this point, that Facebook is no friend to conservatism. If you’re a conservative on the social media site, chances are a politically incorrect post has gotten you slapped with a post block, despite the fact that nothing in it is actually offensive to anyone who isn’t specifically looking for a reason to be upset.

It is also no surprise that Google is also hostile to those whose views are less than progressive, with their targeted harassment of conservative sites and their history of hiding search results that disagree with their fundamental views. (I assure you if a conservative search engine did this, liberals would be demanding it go to the Supreme Court.)

Powerline Blog, Drudge Report, American Thinker, InstaPundit, PJ Media and Gateway Pundit all received an email from a man named Leo Goldstein warning them that their websites had been “almost blacklisted” by Google. Apparently this is something that comes with serious consequences.

“Dear Editors,” he wrote in the email. “You might be interested to learn, that your websites have been almost blacklisted by Google. “Almost blacklisted” means that Google search artificially downranks results from your websites to such extent that you lose 55% – 75% of possible visitors traffic from Google. This sitution [sic] is probably aggravated by secondary effects, because many users and webmasters see Google ranking as a signal of trust.”

Basically, their websites are being punished by Google who is denying them traffic for no real reason at all, aside from being conservative-leaning blogs.

He added that while Google isn’t necessarily obligated to direct traffic to these sites specifically, it does owe it to its users to offer them a wide array of search options and not ones that are cherry-picked for political bias.

“I write to all of them to give you opportunity to discuss this matter among yourselves,” he said, wrapping up his email. “Even if Google owes nothing to your publications, it certainly owes good faith to the users of its search. Intentionally hiding conservative and/or libertarian websites from the customers is an obvious breach of good faith.”

Are you offended by the fact that Google is so willing to silence conservative voices like ours for simply being conservative? Or do you think conservatives should start giving Google a taste of their own medicine and use different search engines?

Or should we create our own? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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