Missouri Fights for Right to Farm

Rampant moonbattery has reached the point that Missouri farmers are struggling to secure the right to farm. That’s what necessitates Amendment #1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, which will be voted on tomorrow.

A notice sent out Friday by Don Nikodim, Chairman of Missouri Farmers Care, lists some of the many supporters of Amendment #1, which is intended to let farmers farm without excessive outside interference.

Given that we all need to eat, who would be opposed to the right to farm? Nikodim explains:

The opposition’s lead advocate is the Vice President of Outreach and Engagement for the world’s largest Animal Rights organization, the so called Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). …

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To put things in perspective, HSUS is a Washington DC based Multi-National Corporation that annually rakes in of millions of dollars. It is the same HSUS who, along with ASPCA and other cohorts, recently paid nearly $25 Million to secure an out of court settlement on civil racketeering charges in a case against Feld entertainment.

It is the same HSUS that is currently being subpoenaed by the Oklahoma Attorney General in regard to fundraising practices and it’s the same HSUS that just last week dumped $375,000 into the opposition’s coffers. This infusion of cash is now funding a smear campaign to malign, confuse, and misinform voters. But, no real surprise here as this is the same HSUS whose leadership has publically stated:

“I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.” – CEO Wayne Pacelle

“If we could shut down all hunting in a moment, we would.” – HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle

“Eating meat causes animal cruelty.”- HSUS senior campaigner Paul Shapiro

“Nothing is more important than promoting veganism.” – HSUS senior campaigner Paul Shapiro

“My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” – HSUS Director of Animal Cruelty Policy John “J.P.” Goodwin.

The quotes were taken from HumaneWatch.

In short, radical left groups from out of state are attempting to cripple Missouri agriculture on behalf of animals, possibly limiting the number of livestock producers are allowed to own.

There is nothing worth having that the lunatic leftists who call most of the shots these days won’t take away from you. This includes food.

Missourians are encouraged to vote yes on Amendment #1.


On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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