NYC Politicians Demand Comcast Provide Free Internet Service to Government-Run Slums

One workable definition of modern “liberalism” is communism by increments:

New York politicians say Comcast shouldn’t be allowed to buy Time Warner Cable unless it provides free Internet service to all residents of public housing.

In a letter to the state Public Service Commission Wednesday, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James and 21 other officials asked for the free Internet promise and numerous other provisions, including a commitment to offer at least gigabit speeds to paying customers. The commission recently delayed its vote on the merger until November 13 after state officials found “deficiencies” in Comcast’s customer service and the merger application.

James’ letter asked Comcast to “guarantee that they will expand broadband to and provide free access, training, and equipment to their broadband services for all public housing residents of the New York City Housing Authority, and establish training and access centers for every housing complex within the merged entity’s service area.” The same should be done for “[a]ll senior, youth, and community centers, and public parks. As well as all homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters (with anonymous browsing capability), congregate care facilities, supportive housing facilities, mental health group homes,” the letter continued. Besides that, Comcast was urged to “[e]stablish free Wi-Fi service in all New York City Public Parks.”

New York’s communist rulers expect this service to be provided on a slave basis. But for now Comcast will probably be able to pass the cost along to paying customers in higher rates so as to avoid bankruptcy, until such time as cable services have been nationalized.

Comcast already provides $10-per-month Internet access to poor families as a result of a condition on its 2011 purchase of NBCUniversal. Comcast proposed to extend this “Internet Essentials” program to Time Warner Cable customers, and the company argues that it has offered enough.

Wrong. Until all producers have been bled dry, it will never be enough.

Hold on, Comcast. You could be in for another shakedown already:

In addition to state governments, Comcast’s purchase of TWC is being evaluated by the Federal Communications Commission and [Social] Justice Department.

In what free country would businesses be required to provide their goods and services free of charge?

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