Pro-Life Speaker Peter LaBarbera Detained by Canadian Authorities for Views on Homosexuality

Those considering an escape to Canada if the situation gets much worse in the USA might be persuaded to instead stay and fight for what is left of our freedom after learning of what happened to Peter LaBarbera when he headed north of the border to speak at a pro-life conference:

A prominent U.S. pro-family activist was detained by the Canadian Border Services Agency Thursday for alleged violations of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, had flown into Regina International Airport to speak at the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association provincial conference this [past] weekend.

LaBarbera had been targeted by a makeshift group known as “Intolerance Free Weyburn,” which pressured the government to deny him access to the country. LaBarbera believes he was flagged by customs as a result.

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“Intolerance” is Liberalese for “opposition to liberalism.”

LaBarbera said the customs agent went through his luggage, his phone and laptop, and played a DVD of a speech he had given Wednesday. He then reviewed AFTAH [Americans for Truth About Homosexuality]’s website, pulled up the “about page,” and said, according to LaBarbera, “So you’re targeting an identifiable group of people based on sexual orientation.”

That is, he was accused of not approving of homosexual behavior. In Canada this is not only a thought crime, but an official crime. Those who commit it are subject to punishment under section 319(1) of the Criminal Code, which forbids “public incitement of hatred … against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace.” In practical terms, that can be interpreted to read “conspicuous failure to display reverence for the privileged groups at the top of the liberal caste system.”

The government agent didn’t seem to mind the pro-life aspect of his planned speech. But disapproval of homosexual conduct is impermissible.

It follows from the Bible that anyone professing the Christian religion is subject to detention by Canadian authorities.

As it turns out, conservative members of Parliament intervened to let LaBarbera come into Canada and make his speech. Lower-profile speakers who want to express views that deviate from currently fashionable leftwing ideology might not be so lucky.

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