The Nation Calls for Abolition of Private Housing

What will be next on the agenda after ObamaCare collapses the health insurance industry, leading as planned to socialist healthcare? Will oligarchical collectivists go after the food supply? Maybe their next target will be housing. From The Nation:

Let’s get rid of private housing.

Plenty of time and effort have lately gone into analyzing a host of related crises—homelessness, unaffordable urban real estate, devastating gentrification, and a housing bubble whose burst landed us in the Great Recession. But the explanations tend to be incomplete, the attributions shortsighted, and the policies rearguard. For every liberal who insists that deregulating zoning laws will curb skyrocketing urban housing prices, there’s a conservative who blames the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act for the housing bubble, and none of them is anywhere near the mark.

The true culprit is so deeply embedded in American notions of wealth, rights, and property that we cannot see it for the terrible economy policy it is: private housing. Real estate as a store of private wealth is the rotten tree that sprouts these diseased branches, and the solution is to quit pruning twigs and chop the sucker down.

Moonbats have been bleating for some time that housing — or rather, forcing someone else to provide your housing on a slave basis — is a human right. How else to secure that right but to abolish private ownership and force the entire human race to live in wretched government housing projects? Only then will every blade of grass be cut down to the height of the shortest, creating the perfect lawn for our egalitarian rulers to gaze out upon.

Naturally the bureaucratic ruling class will be exempted from the crappy housing the rest of us get; refer to the Soviet Union for details.

No matter how bad Obama et al. make things, the leftist intelligentsia will egg them on to make things even worse. By now it is hard to ascribe to them any coherent motive other than malice.

A government housing project in New Orleans.

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