Theme Pub Shaken Down by Bloomberg Regime for Seeking Employee With Appropriate Background

Liberal totalitarianism has reached the last extreme of self-parody in New York City, where the mom and pop owners of the British-themed Longbow Pub have been fined $2,500 for running an employment ad seeking someone with an appropriate background.

[The owners’] legal problems started when they posted an advert on website Craigslist looking for new staff. The job description read: ‘Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (a.k.a. soccer).

‘Being British definitely works in your favour – Bring an ex-pat or lived in the UK – also a plus.’

Imagine living in a country so authoritarian that you are not allowed to advertise for someone with a British background to work in your privately owned British bar because that “discriminates” against people who aren’t British — then having to keep a straight face when people refer to it as “the Land of the Free.”

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The bigger the government, the more inevitable the corruption. Mayor Bloomberg’s goons demanded they cough up the $2,500 without a fuss or the fine would be tripled. Evidently it was a simple shakedown intended to raise revenue to throw into the insatiable maw of the welfare state. But, to make it look good, a gloss of political correctness was applied:

Part of the agreement also stipulates that the [owners] and their staff have to undergo anti-discrimination training within the next 120 days.

In the end, the Longbow Pub ended up hiring no one. Everybody loses — except the cancer that is killing America, i.e., Big Government. At least the bartender who would have been hired has an extra $2,500 to draw on for welfare benefits.

On tips from Don M, Sean C, and Mickey Shea. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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