Christian Baker Commanded to Bake Cakes for Gay Weddings

Next time someone flippantly says, “It’s a free country,” remind them of this:

A family owned bakery has been ordered to make wedding cakes for gay couples and guarantee that its staff be given comprehensive training on Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws after the state’s Civil Rights Commission determined the Christian baker violated the law by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, in Lakewood, Colorado was directed to change his store policies immediately and force his staff to attend the training sessions. For the next two years, Phillips will also be required to submit quarterly reports to the commission to confirm that he has not turned away customers based on their sexual orientation.

The whole purpose of this deliberate degradation is to punish Phillips for his Christian beliefs, according to which participating in a homosexual marriage is blasphemy. By forcing him to violate his faith, the thugs imposing this confirm that the erstwhile Land of the Free – a country founded by religious refugees seeking liberty – has degenerated into tyranny.

The good news is Phillips has not capitulated to this dictatorship of the depraved. He does not appear likely to comply, even if that means no longer baking cakes. Although the legal costs may drive him out of business in the end, he is considering an appeal.

And should the highest court in the land force Jack to do the bidding of homosexuals?

“There’s civil disobedience,” Phillips told me. “We’ll see what happens. I’m not giving up my faith. Too many people have died for this faith to give it up that easily.”

He could add that too many people died for America to give up being American that easily.

Militant Homos
The lovebirds who set out to destroy Phillips for his faith.

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