Supreme Court Imposes Gay Marriage

To no one’s surprise, the leftists dominating the judicial oligarchy have struck a devastating blow against the institution of marriage.

Obviously this opens the door to three-way marriages, marriages to animals, marriages to children, marriages to inanimate objects, et cetera. But don’t worry about the slippery slope where marriage itself is concerned. We have already hit rock bottom; officially, the concept of holy matrimony has been reduced to an obscene farce.

Despite the impression you might get from watching television, only a tiny percentage of Americans are homosexuals, and only a small minority of those are interested in entering into parodies of marriages. So what is this really about?

Undermining marriage is a left-wing objective because it weakens the family. There should be no social structure that hasn’t been imposed by the State; otherwise there might be divided loyalties.

This brings us to a more immediate objective: the criminalization of Christianity, which has served as an impediment to tyranny throughout history by acknowledging a higher authority than the government.

No longer will militant homosexuals seek out Christian bakers or photographers to destroy. Now they can head straight for churches. The Bible explicitly and repeatedly condemns homosexuality in the strongest terms. Any church that performs a blasphemous homosexual “marriage” has engaged in such extreme sacrilege as to have automatically deconsecrated itself. But any church that refuses will be crushed by the federal government for “discriminating.”

The Supremes’ decree has effectively outlawed Christianity, putting it back where it was before Constantine converted in 312 AD. At least they don’t feed Christians to lions anymore — or should I say, yet.

Another consequence will be an increase in homosexual adoptions. At best, this entails raising innocent children in an inherently depraved environment. At worse, it entails children being raised as sex slaves (e.g., see here, here, here, and here).

Those who have devoted their lives to sexual perversion are not the kind of people you want raising kids. Adoption agencies who realize this will be shut down by the government.

The slipperiest slope here isn’t the one that leads next to perverts marrying Shetland ponies or the whole gang at the bathhouse. It lies in the absurd argument liberals have used to brainwash the herd into going along: people are equal, homosexuals are people, therefore homosexuals deserve to have their behavior validated in the name of equality.

The fallacy lies in conflating behavior with identity. You could just as easily say: people are equal, thieves are people, therefore thieves deserve to have their behavior validated in the name of equality.

Marriage isn’t the only institution that took a hit today. The Supreme Court weakened itself.

The Court has presented itself as a tyrannical oligarchy that is imposing its will on the American people so as to socially engineer us into a different people more to our rulers’ liking. Even in California, the last time the issue of homosexual marriage was left to voters, it was soundly rejected. It has become impossible to regard the Supremes as wise defenders of the will of the Founding Fathers, who obviously would have been disgusted by this ruling. They don’t interpret the Constitution; they impose their will. They deserve no more respect than any other coercive junta. Actually they are entitled to less respect, due to the way they hypocritically wrap their arbitrary decrees in the Constitution even as they distort or ignore it.

Hammering away at the pillars of society is bringing everything down — including the Supreme Court.

As you watch it all collapse, get used to children being raised like this:

I take that back. Don’t ever get used to it. They haven’t won until we stop resisting.

Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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