DENIED ACCESS: LGBT Group BANS ‘Gays for Trump’ From Pride parade

DENIED ACCESS: LGBT Group BANS ‘Gays for Trump’ From Pride parade

The LGBT crowd demands to be included in every single event, group and club around the nation and if you refuse, you’re labeled a “homophobe,” “transphobe,” “bigot” and every other silly name progressives can come up with to punish you for your ability to have an independent thought.

Of course, when you’re part of a special group, you can apparently discriminate to your heart’s content. Especially when the people you’re discriminating against are part of your community, but have different political views.

Charlotte Pride sent a letter directly to Brian Talbert, who is the leader of “Gays For Trump.” The letter explained that the pro-Trump group would not be participating in the 2017 parade and explained that Pride “reserves the right to decline participation at our events to groups or organizations which do not reflect the mission, vision, and values of our organization, as is acknowledged in our parade rules and regulations by all groups at the time of their parade application.”

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Now don’t get me wrong, this group is well within their rights to prevent “Gays for Trump” from participating in their event, as they are a private entity. However, this does a few things and none of them are good for the LGBT community.

First, it makes them look like hypocrites, as they would have relentlessly attacked any parade that refused to allow them to have a float, even if they had similar rules and regulations. Next, it makes them look like bigots who can’t see past political preference to shared commonalities. It’s so sad that this is what America has come down to. “We’re having a gay parade and I know you’re gay but you don’t have the right politics, so you can’t celebrate with us.” I mean how petty is that.

I say “Gays for Trump” has their own fabulous parade that celebrates Republican and Trump-loving members of the LGBT community who don’t have to fear rejection from their peers based on their political beliefs.

H/T: The Blaze

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