Dr. Ben Carson Says Gay People Don’t Get EXTRA Rights! VIDEO

Dr. Ben Carson Says Gay People Don’t Get EXTRA Rights! VIDEO

Liberals have been elevating gay Americans to martyr status for quite some time now. It’s not enough to be tolerant of people who have different lifestyles; no, we now have to be both accepting of homosexuality and we have to celebrate it as something that is objectively and morally good. And Dr. Ben Carson has had enough.


During the presidential campaign, the LGBT lobby was furious when Carson argued that while gay Americans are entitled to the same rights under the Constitution as everyone else, they aren’t entitled to extra rights.

His entire argument, as seen in the video below, was that gay Americans are to be treated like anybody else. They don’t get extra special treatment just because they are gay.

Carson would not go on to be the GOP nominee for president. But Donald Trump still wanted him as a member of his team and has nominated Carson to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Confirmation hearings are currently taking place, and liberals just couldn’t help themselves — they dragged out that statement from Carson again.

Because somehow, saying that gay Americans don’t get extra rights over other Americans equals the possibility that Carson, as secretary, would discriminate against gay Americans. But he quickly smacked that down. “Of course, I would enforce all the laws of the land,” he said. “Of course, I think American should be protected by the law. What I have said before is that I don’t think anyone should get ‘extra rights.’”

During the confirmation hearing, Carson accused Democrats of trying to use the Department of Housing and Urban Development to break up neighborhoods. “That act says that we want people who are receiving HUD grants to look around and see if they can find anything that looks like discrimination and then we want them to come up with a solution. They’re saying go and look for a problem and give us a solution,” he argued.

“We have sitting around desks in Washington, DC, deciding how things should be done. I don’t have any problem with affirmative action or integration, I have no problem at all for that. But I do have a problem with people on high dictating it when they have no idea what’s going on in an area.”

Do you agree with Dr. Carson?

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