FINALLY: A Transsexual Teddy Bear Teaches Your Children About Transgenderism

FINALLY: A Transsexual Teddy Bear Teaches Your Children About Transgenderism

Worried that American culture isn’t indoctrinating your children with the LGBT agenda enough? Well, have no fear! A lesbian mother, and daughter of a transgender father, has written a book featuring a transgender teddy bear so that all the children everywhere can learn about how denying biology is actually not a mental illness.

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Out Jessica went in search of a bedtime tale which would explain to her son how his grandfather was now his grandmother, even though the Shegrandfather (as he/she/it shall henceforth be known) still has a pecker. Still with me?

Soon after her dad’s transition began, Walton and her partner had their own child, and they started looking for children’s books that reflected their family. And, whereas they did find “great books” that featured gay parents, they had real trouble finding books featuring transgender and gender-fluid characters. So she decided to “write the book we wanted to read to our son.”

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Completely bypassing the notion that Walton and her lesbian partner had their own child (which is impossible, but that’s only because biology holds a gender-bias), who’d have thought that no other author had jumped into this obvious commercial opportunity to write about transgenderism to children? It’s a gold mine, people. Picture Teddy Ruxpin, only with a stitched-on rubber vagina.

Taking the giant task upon herself, Walton decided to pen her own male to female coming of age tale with the iconic teddy bear:

Teddy is described as “a gentle, positive picture book about being yourself, and being a good friend” on the Kickstarter page where Walton is crowdfunding money to self-publish it. It tells the story of Thomas the teddy, who is the best friend of a boy named Errol, and who identifies as girl and wants to be called Tilly.

Move over Berenstain Bears! Don’t be a brat, Mr. Cat in the Hat! Because Thomas the Teddy wants to be called Tilly! If it sounds silly, he’ll just chop off his willy! If you don’t like that a lick, you’re just a cis-gendered pri*k.

Of course, most normal parents don’t feel like using their children as social experiments, so the book is being published through Kickstarter, and not an actual publisher. It’s almost as if there’s not much of a market for children’s books featuring topics that kids don’t have any business learning about.

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